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    Preserving Skagit County's rural character by protecting the environment, supporting        sustainable resource based economies and promoting livable urban communities.




Memorials Received In Memory Of.....

  • Lyle Craner, Mount Vernon from friends.

  • Rick Epting, Mount Vernon from friends.

  • Marie Johnson, Bow from Grace & Jack Hubbard, LaConner, WA.

  • Molly Epstein, Mount Vernon, from her parents.

  • Dolly Kager from Arthur & Elma Kager, Anacortes.

  • Donald Bowman Wells from Lauren Tibert Wells, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Cliff Sanctuary from Gillian Sanctuary, La Conner, WA.

Honoraria Received in Honor Of....

  • Richard Bergner's first grandchild Marisol

  • Elaine K. Musgrave from her parents

  • Ellen Bynum from Elizabeth Theaker

  • Gene Derig's birthday from John and Diane Musgrave

  • Daphne John

  • Grace Hubenthal from Graham and Deb Hubenthal

  • Marilyn Wells Derig from Diane and John Musgrave

  • June Kite, brick honoring her at LaConner Quilt Museum courtyard

  • Eric Chamberlin from Terence Vogel.

Thank you Nell Thorn Restaurant for supporting Friends! IN 2010,  Nell Thorn Restaurant, LaConner served their own Elephant Head wine and donated a portion of the proceeds to FOSC.  Thank you to Susan and Casey!  For reservations -


Our work is and has been supported by donations from our members, and also by contributions from donors listed below. Names in BOLD are current funders.  

  • Edible Seattle Magazine -

  • Artists Cooperative Gallery - Michael Larkin

  • Skagit Valley Food Coop - Bag Tokens -

  • The Bullitt Foundation

  • The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation

  • The Kongsgaard - Goldman Foundation

  • The Mountaineers Foundation

  • The Northwest Fund for the Environment

  • The Russell Family Foundation

  • The Burning Foundation

  • Washington Foundation for the Environment

  • The Environmental Support Center

  • NPower - Seattle

Generous donations from the following businesses or individuals have helped us put our mission into action:


Preserving Skagit County's rural character by protecting the environment, supporting sustainable, resource-based economics and promoting livable urban communities.

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